”चुनाव आपका ,लक्ष्य हमारा”


India has earned its name for being distinct and the largest democracy of the world. Where Elections play a major role and are considered as the most important and integral part of Indian politics. Politics has been considered as the art and practice of dealing with political power from the ancient times and to legitimize such power the process of election was introduced since then election has been considered, as most integral pillar of Politics.

Every election in India, the contests are fierce and fought. With the advent of social media, the new communication technologies, modern analysis techniques and issues concerning voters, scenario of electoral preference has been changing in a drastic way. A new generation of voters with different outlook needs to be reached out. Political mobilization has acquired a new dimension. In this modern Era, winning an election presents new complexities and requires a different strategy to win. That is where our role begins.


Social Media Management

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Management
Increase Number of Followers through FB & Twitter
Conversation Monitoring
Strategy & Community Building

Content Creation

Candidate's Speech Development
Info-graphic and Data Visualization
Digital, Print and Outdoor Advertising
Multi-Media Marketing and Branding

Web Development

Website and App Development
Management & Maintenance
Analysis & Online Marketing
SEO Management

Digital Advertising

Bulk SMS Solution
WhatsApp Marketing
Document Film
Promotional Audio & Video Song
Tele calling / IVR Calling

Demographic Research

District Analysis
Voter Analysis
Political Polling
Data Mining
Opposition Research

Crisis Communication

Reputation Management
War Room
Crisis Response Strategy


Who we are:

  • EVM is an agency with specialized function of Media Management, Political Analysis and Election Campaign Management..
  • Latest and most effective tools are devised and strategies for election management and political campaigning
  • Having the best team, which consists of people with multiple skill sets and in-depth experience, our professional team is constantly updated of marketing innovations needed for election campaigning.
  • This business requires highest integrity and integrity is center of our motto and philosophy.
  • We offer a wide array of services on basis of deep and thorough understanding of requirement of candidate
  • We would be working in the same direction of our motto of the company, which says ”चुनाव आपका, लक्ष्य हमारा”.
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