Social media management refers to the well-planned procedure of gaining support through social media platforms. Social media management programs usually focus on efforts to create a profile of individual based on his personality and create an aura through unbiased content that motivates and encourages readers to share it on their own varied social network platforms. An inspiring message spreads from user to mass and presumably rationalizes the actual stand of a individual because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source which has been unbiased in posting such content or sharing the same only with a reason to spread awareness about any issue, celebrations, cause or any motivated message, this form of campaign is driven by word-of- mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media. Social media has become a very important, not to be ignored platform for every individual and especially for those, who are seeking to spread their work and represent the masses then this is the platform looked forward for because it is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access. Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform to conduct any unbiased campaign and improving the public image in any particular region specific. Social media empower individuals to interact with their leader on one to one communication platform resulting in building a strong relationships and bond of trust.


The impact of social media is reasoned by it huge volume and a striking approach. The volume of social media every year India is making a hike of 25 to 30 million social media users. In 2018, it is forecasted at 224.2 million users. The major role players in social media are Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. The process in which social media to work is very practical. Nearly 40% of total online users get news via Facebook after that 2nd is YouTube and Twitter comes third. In India, 2 hours are spent on social media by every user it clearly indicates that social media users are spending time and listening whatever is said over there. We here at EVM make sure that every profile we cater to becomes a prime visiting platform for the majority of facebook users of that specific area or region, the profile is been organized around the persona of that Individual and we make sure all his good work reaches to the people in that area. Organizing of Facebook campaign on different occasion to make the reach grow bigger is the main aim of the organization. Meanwhile, as Facebook is to the masses Twitter caters your Image in the National Arena, it enables your ideology, work and emotions reach to proactive end users on the National Platform and unable you to participate in national and international Issues to be discussed with the concerned authorities and govt. official.


Every time before the Election approaches, few candidates are not sure about their strength in the number of their followers, these platform make this at ease as you can visualize who is your follower and who can be turned into prospective votes if the campaigning has been done effectively. Increasing the followers on both the Platforms who are interested in candidate’s profile. Any particular person will only follow because of certain reasons may be by the means of personal choice, any acquaintance or the work done by the candidate for that region. But that number can be limited and many others wont even know that you are on these platforms who actually like your social concern, here our professional team comes into picture, we track down every individual who has any political inclination, social reformist, the ideology supporter or in case a follower of any national leader and make sure to convert it into the list of the candidates followers.


Just making the number increase in the list of the profile never accounts for the probable vote count, Every follower needs to be engaged through different modes of Posts, Tags and Comments, to keep a track on every single comment weather positive or negative is our core objective and any misleading statement can ruin any campaign, Our team make sure any such statement never occurs or if they occur they are replied in such form that any third person will find it a positive. We make sure every post on any social media handle is been catered as a one single project at a time and it is been given the importance it requires, we make sure it reaches the maximum number of people, in turn, benefitting and spreading the good work done by the candidate.


In Elections after the advent of Social Media, the role of strategies have also changed, the support has to be shown in numbers and not only through profiles but through various groups who support any Cause, Social Activity, Any Personality etc. all such people are the part of the same region which is been focused upon these are necessary to create an surrounding or called as HAWA in Hindi to popularize the candidate work and to strengthen the image amongst those first time voters who are always been neutral or have no idea about the political events and personalities in their constituency, or who are just guided by National leader and there Persona. These strategies help to bring Rationality amongst those voters and empower them to choose their leader for a reason to justify their vote. Next